〈“wabi-sabi”;  noun. the Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of imperfection.〉 

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“I think you have to adapt to what life gives you.”
–Paul Ward
The past couple of months, my eyes have been opened to the endless possibilities that life provides us with. I have received the opportunity to get to know Paul Ward as well as share the practice of yoga with him. Paul is extremely talented and one of the most active people that I know. He is employed at Yankee Stadium as the Coordinator of Disabled Services and Guest Relations, plays on a basketball team (sponsored by the Knicks!!), participates in kayaking and manages to find time to work out on his own. Paul was born with Spina Bifida but does not allow this to stop him from living an active lifestyle to his fullest potential.  
Paul sparked an interest in the practice of yoga to increase awareness of his mind and body. Paul felt yoga would be specifically beneficial to increase circulation throughout his legs, strengthen his upper body, increase breathing awareness and improve stress management. I have got the pleasure of introducing Paul to the various benefits of yoga. Paul has participated in breathing techniques along with yoga poses sitting and laying down. Through each session, it is incredible to see that yoga can be performed no matter what your abilities are. Paul suits each pose to his body and physical comfort zone. During each session, I remind him that above all, be kind to yourself. Do what you can; never force anything.
Through the practice of yoga, it is understood that there is no “right” or “wrong” ways. Not only in yoga, but each day Paul demonstrates that through optimism and acceptance, it is possible to achieve anything. I will continue to work with Paul to strengthen his yoga practice and discover what is most beneficial for him. Paul continues to practice on his own time and is improving each day. My passion towards helping others to participate in the practice of yoga has grown immensely. I am eager to continue to help others to better themselves each day.