I enjoy starting out my day with my yoga practice before a full day of work. Although, this morning I was definitely feeling the Monday blues. I decided that I would try a shorter, more gentle practice because I was not feeling 100 percent.
As I was practicing, I realized that I was flowing through the poses mindfully but at a higher sense of ease than usual. I realized this and noticed it for a minute… why was it that when I was not feeling 100 percent did I feel more at ease flowing through my practice?
I began to notice that this was because I was holding zero expectations for myself. I had zero expectation to do a pose a certain way or do a set specified routine (just like the times we tend to look our best when we don’t have the expectation of seeing others or going anywhere). I was simply allowing myself to let go and let be.
This experience opened my eyes to realize that not only in yoga but in everyday life, when we let go of the expectations, we are allowing ourselves to open up to a sense of freedom. Instead of looking at aspects as how we feel they SHOULD be…simply just let them be.