rene 3
The endless curve balls that are thrown at us day by day seem like they are never going away…and that is exactly it. They are never going to go away. I witness this when I am working at the hospital in the rehabilitation unit. I see unexpected drastic life changes happen to people everyday.
This week my yoga instructor touched on the importance of finding softness in difficult situations. After he shared this with the class, I continued to take this with me. I remembered this when I came into a pose that was difficult or uncomfortable for me. I continued to try to find softness and compassion through breathing and opening up to the pose. 
After this yoga class, I was eager to take these wise words with me to the hospital. I wanted to find a way to assist the patients to potentially find “softness” during this time in their lives. I decided to schedule an extremely talented piano player to come in  for a musical performance. The day of the performance, almost all of the patients attended. As I stood in front of the room, I scanned the room at each patient. I began to get chills watching the smiles form across their faces. As they listened, they became so absorbed in the music.
To me, this was success. After all, the only real success in life is living with an open, loving heart. This musical performance allowed the patients to find a little bit of softness during this difficult time in their lives.
Whether it may be through a couple deep breaths, an experience (in this case a musical performance), or doing something you love…find the ability to find softness each day and let it make the difficult times a little bit easier.
We ALWAYS have a choice.