“ahimsa” – absence of violence from ones mind, the act of non-harming. 


 I was introduced to this word for the first time during my yoga certification course and it has had a strong impact on me ever since. The concept of ahimsa is to be used on and off of the mat. Ahimsa can be used towards ourselves as well as with others. It is simply living to peace.
When using the concept of ahimsa towards myself, I am able to create compassion and freedom. It allows me to release from feeling I am “not doing enough” and become aware of exhausting myself to the point to where I increase harm and lack self enjoyment. It allows me to ask myself  “am I serving or harming my body?”.
I decided to revisit the meaning of ahimsa this week because I feel that we can always add this powerful concept into our lives in some way. Whether we are practicing it with ourselves or ANY living being. If we practiced the concept of ahimsa every time we spoke, took action, had a thought, etc. we would be filled with only peace. Unfortunately, this is not reality. From experience, certain feelings we experience can most definitely get in the way of this. So if we want to, we can choose to become aware of this concept and use it to our best ability. 
I am eager to try to grow the practice of ahimsa towards myself and others. I plan to start by doing less and being more, practicing asanas at the speed of my body and not my mind, creating an “ahimsa” day and reminding myself of this concept when I am communicating with others. 
How can you add ahimsa into your life to add a little more peaceful living…?