As I read the book “The Healing Power of Mind”, I am learning and understanding how powerful the human mind truly is. I have become aware that the true nature of the mind is peaceful, whole and enlightened. I realize that it is the external factors in life that we get caught up in that can cause us to become imbalanced and create suffering. 
This perspective on the mind provides me with motivation and leads me to question- if we all started out in a peaceful state, why not find our way back? 
Through awareness and practice, we can allow ourselves to let go of the worries, stresses, attachments, hatred, desire, illusions and ignorance that have stepped in the way. When we observe and notice what is getting in the way, it becomes easier to let go.
From experience, when I take the time to step back from the chaos and become mindful, I am at a higher sense of wholeness within myself. In my eyes, every human deserves a whole life. Take the time out of your daily routine to notice what may be getting in the way of your ability to be peaceful, whole and enlightened.