About a year ago, I decided to become more familiar with yoga. I needed and wanted to create a healthier sense of balance in my life. Instead of running miles, I spent more time on my mat. Instead of running from my thoughts, I spent time sitting with them. I was fascinated by the mind-body connection that I experienced when I was on my mat. I felt supported, comfortable and in my safe haven. I continued to go to yoga classes to prepare me for my yoga certification course in July. For three weeks, 12 hours a day, I was living, breathing and falling in love with the practice of yoga. I became so captivated and passionate towards everything that it consisted of. My mind and body were exhausted, but my heart was so full. This opportunity allowed me to grow my practice immensely as well as form inseperable bonds with others. This course helped me to become aware that yoga was beyond a set of various poses, a workout, a way to become flexible, or a way to stretch. It led me to realize that it is practice, a lifestyle and a strategy.
The practice of yoga continuously reminds me that I am seeking wholeness, not perfection. Through pranayama, meditation and asanas, I am able to decrease my suffering. I am able to effectively use relaxation techniques and mindfulness to assist me throughout each day and night (sleep – if you know me, I’m an insomniac). This lifestyle continues to assist me towards presence, enlightenment, contentment, positivity, balance, self-love, compassion, non-violence, acceptance, openness, perspective and a peaceful state of mind. It also assists me to find a greater connection to my spiritual faith. It allows me to release from the negative energies such as self-judgment, hatred, anxiety or anything else that does not serve my mind or my body. I strive to acknowledge and surface any pain or problems that I may be experiencing. 
I am aware that yoga will not solve my problems or stop life from being difficult.  I still face struggles that are extremely hard to overcome. Although, yoga allows me to embrace my humanness and provides me with the faith that leads me to a happier, healthier life. I will continue to deepen and strengthen my practice each day. 
Most importantly, I feel grateful that I get the opportunity to share my passion for the practice of yoga with others. Whether I am working with patients at the hospital, individuals who have developed post-concussion syndrome, or teaching basic yoga to any individual, I am convinced that the healing benefits of yoga are endless no matter what one may be experiencing. 
I wish for every human in this world to find their gift, passion, yoga, something that gives you hope, happiness and healthiness, then share it with others.