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With the help of one of my patients, I have realized the true importance of forgiveness and its ability to bring one to a higher sense of peace and happiness. 
This past week I have had the pleasure of getting to know an incredible woman who has opened my eyes to various key life lessons. (I could spend all day writing about the many things she has taught me!) One message in particular has allowed me to realize that forgiveness is generally not practiced enough. It is something that is usually difficult for any human to fully embrace. It is most definitely easier said than done or easier to avoid. 
This woman has had some extremely tough life experiences, yet she still manages to remain the happiest and most positive person in the room. She has lived a low income lifestyle, undergone physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, and has fought Stage 3 Cancer for the last twenty years. All of this being said, she has not once commented, “why me” or allowed herself to be broken down by any situation. 
Through her incredible faith and ability to forgive, she finds the strength each day to keep moving forward as best as she can. She expressed to me that if she has learned one thing throughout her experiences, forgiveness is one of the most important concepts in life. The moment she was willing to forgive, she felt a heavy weight lifted off of her shoulders and the motivation to move forward each day. She has cultivated forgiveness for those who have hurt her along with forgiveness in herself. She is truly an inspiration to me and I am so incredibly lucky that I have got the chance to connect with her. Who knew my patients would be inspiring me more than I inspire them?
Even though it may be easier to avoid, allow your shoulders become a little lighter today…who can you forgive?