I have recently started reading the book “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown (I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone, it has been exceptionally inspiring). Throughout the book so far, the author has opened my eyes to a valuable lesson- the importance of choosing courage over comfort. She states that “vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage”. I have kept this line in the back of my head ever since I read it.
This book has assisted me to understand how important it is to allow ourselves to feel our way through difficult times that we come across rather than trying to fight them (referring to the times that we feel we have hit rock bottom). We can honor our own struggle as a replacement for dawning on the moment. Instead of escaping the uncomfortable feelings, we can allow ourselves to feel the emotions as they arise. I am mindful that it is common and much easier to choose the comfortable road rather than pushing through the difficult, not so comfortable road. I am most definitely guilty at times of choosing the path I feel more comfortable with to avoid the discomfort of the more challenging path. Although, as I grow, I continue to realize choosing courage is more effective and creates less suffering in the long run.
I found myself thinking back on this concept in my Friday morning yoga class while in triangle pose. As we were flowing from peaceful warrior to triangle pose, I began to think of how uncomfortable this pose always makes me feel. I am usually counting down the seconds until I can finally get my body out of this awkward state and we can finally flow our way back into Warrior 2. As I started to rise my arm up and come into the pose, I related this situation to my life. When something becomes too uncomfortable, it is easy to avoid it, dawn on it or become impatient until it is over. As I held triangle pose, as it was extremely uncomfortable for me, I recognized that am also very capable of it (and I will admit this is one of my strongest poses). I began to allow myself to open up to this pose and feel it as is. 
I realize that we come across difficult times each day and are left with uncomfortable emotions or feelings that we do not want to sit with. Although, I realize that each and every one of us are very capable in allowing ourselves to feel our way through difficult times. When we experience difficulty, we can either choose comfort or courage.
Today, choose courage.