During a recent treatment session with a patient, the news was playing on her TV in the background. We were not paying much attention to the news, although both of us noticed the various problems the reporter was expressing about our country. This extremely wise patient expressed that she wished that the news would focus more on the things that were serving our country rather than constantly focusing on the difficulties and negatives we are facing. I agreed with her on this statement and it got me thinking. My curious mind began to question, “do I focus enough on the experiences in my life that I can appreciate or am I constantly too focused on thinking of the difficulties I am be facing?”
After thinking about this for the rest of the evening, I began to realize that I tend to let the negatives in my life outweigh the positives. I realize the irrationality of this because there are significantly more aspects of my life that I can be positive about versus those that create stress or strain. It’s as if the positive, simpler experiences going on in my life didn’t need as much attention as the more difficult experiences.
Thinking deeper on this matter, I realize that this is definitely a part of my humanness.  Perspective certainly has a lot to do with this way of thinking. When life appears harder than at times, it is easy to focus our attention on all of the “bad” happening. I write bad with quotations because I realize that nothing in life is either bad, good, right or wrong, it all simply just happening. I am aware that this is all constructed from our perspective on the factors that surface throughout our lives. It becomes so common and easy to create labels and overlook the positivity.
With the intention to focus more on the positives in life, I aim to become mindful of all experiences. I believe that this will lead to greater wholeness and contentment on a daily basis. I realize that wholeness is noticing all experiences, even if they may not serve us. I am choosing to recognize when I am overthinking difficult experiences or thoughts that are not serving me. Noticing these experiences or thoughts do not define my life or myself as a person.
I am mindful that positive perspective is key, with this, I have faith we can overcome anything. So it is up to us to choose what kind of perspective we want when we wake up today…