A mantra for daily living:
“this very moment.”


Lately I have become aware that I have been clinging to the past and eager to jump forward towards the future. This has made it difficult for me to truly see what is in front of my eyes at each given moment. It is easy to become absorbed in our thoughts, start reminiscing on past memories, creating “what ifs” or allowing fear to take control. Once I allowed myself to take a step back, I realized that I will never move forward if I am still clinging to the past and I will never fully live in joy if I am in fear of the future. As hard as it may be at times, I intend to acknowledge the past and trust in my faith for the future. I realize that “this very moment” is all I have control of right now.
By saying to myself the mantra “this very moment” it assists me to become more present to what is happening in the present moment. When you feel you are absorbed in a scattered or active state of mind, try repeating this mantra to yourself.