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I chose to write this post because sleep used to be quite a stressor in my life. My active mind and endless energy like to keep me going. To be completely healthy, I understand that sleep is essential. Once I became yoga certified, I realized how much the holistic approach benefitted me in various ways with sleep being one of them. I began to gain knowledge and become more familiar with breathing techniques, meditation, therapeutic yoga and aromatherapy. After much practice, I became able to quiet my mind on my own which led me to a more present-centered state. This takes lots of practice and patience but I believe that everyone can achieve it.
If you are anything like me, I have some sleeping tips for you! Firstly, it is extremely effective to buy a diffuser (can be found on amazon for very cheap!) or essential oils (I prefer “DoTerra Oils” but any oils can be found on amazon to!). I prefer to mix my oils by placing lavender,peppermint and bergamot in the diffuser at the same time. These three oils can promote sleep, calming and decrease anxiety. Secondly, the body scan technique has been extremely helpful for me. This allows me to check in with my body. This is a technique that you can learn on your own or there is recording apps you can find on your IPhone or even on YouTube by typing in “body scan relaxation meditation”. Thirdly, practicing gentle yoga before bed helps to set me into a greater state of relaxation and easement so that I am feeling grounded throughout my mind and body.
If you would like anymore tips on relaxation or sleeping techniques, don’t hesitate to email me or direct message me through my Instagram! I believe what works for me, may work for you!