I realize it is extremely important to learn and practice flexibility throughout our daily lives. Becoming more flexible throughout my day has been a continuous practice for me for quite sometime now. This can definitely be difficult when you have set expectations and a situation does not go as planned. Although through recent experiences, I am aware that I have begun cultivating flexibility into my life.
The other day after a morning yoga class, I went to change into my scrubs for work and realized that I had brought everything for work except for my pants. Instead of impulsively reacting negatively or becoming anxious over this, I revisited my intention of relaxation and minimizing stress. After doing so, I did not even react, and it was like nothing happened! My attitude or mindset hadn’t changed at all. I picked up my bag and walked back to my apartment to get my pants then took the later train. As I sat down on the train that morning, I became mindful of how flexible I had become in situations that didn’t turn out “perfectly” or exactly “as planned”. 
This past Friday I had a similar experience. I showed up at the yoga studio for 6 AM class and the studio was closed. I looked online and saw that that particular class was not being offered that day. From here, my thoughts could have gone one of two ways. I could create negative energy for myself by thinking — “I should’ve checked the schedule”. OR I could take a more positive route and think — “I’ll take an early train and go to yoga after work today”. Mindfully, I chose the second option. I went on with my day as if nothing had happened. 
From these experiences, it becomes clear that we always have the choice to create situations as difficult or simple. We have the choice to allow ourselves to be free of suffering or dawn on things in the past that we cannot control. We can also choose to see experiences such as these, as awareness and a greater development of equanimity, patience, and relaxation when things do not go as planned. 
When an unexpected change occurs, or you become disappointed; remind yourself that there is always an alternative. In these two situations, for me it was an earlier train or a later yoga class. Staying open minded and flexible is key in cultivating a life filled with joy and relaxation.