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The power of choosing our thoughts;
When we realize we have the ability to control our thoughts by selecting which ones we would like to keep and which ones we would like to let go of, we are led to greater peace within ourselves. I used to experience difficulty selecting my thoughts and letting go of the thoughts that were not serving me. This led me to question myself, do I want inner peace for myself or do I want to allow myself to suffer? the answers to these questions were simple. 
Once I decided that I wanted to learn how to be able to control my thoughts easier, it has become a daily practice for me for over a year now. I have continued to build my mental strength and awareness through meditation, yoga, and have developed other coping mechanisms for myself. Let me tell you, it is SO worth it.
I will share one of the techniques that I came up with one day to be able to see these thoughts in a more visual way. 
Imagine your thoughts as a variety of emails on your computer screen… which emails would you like to archive and which ones would you like to keep there to be able to stay present with you in that moment? which ones are serving you and which ones can you notice than choose to let go of? You are still noticing these emails (thoughts), however, you are just allowing them to not have any effect on your present state by letting go of them.
It can be helpful to come up with a personal technique that works for you. The way I related my thoughts to emails was completely random but it helped me to see things in a way that my mind understood. Maybe there is something more relatable to you that you can come up with. If you are interested in finding more effecting ways to choose your thought patterns, try it out!