rene 3
Some days I practice yoga whenever I get home from work as a way to create head space and increase easement after a long day. Last night after work I was feeling quite exhausted but I decided that yoga is never a bad idea so I did a quick relaxing flow. I allowed my body to take me through a restorative flow that included a forward fold, pigeon, and then a couple stretches on my mat. While I was in my forward fold and pigeon pose, I realize that I completely allowed myself to let go. I gave up all resistance, allowing myself to gradually sink into the pose a little more with each breath. This does not always happen in these poses so effortlessly but last night it felt like such a relief.
I realize that we are always going to have that tension or uncomfortable feeling in the back of our hamstrings or in the side of our hips when we practice these poses, although if we allow ourselves to notice that the tension is going to be there, give in to the tension, and find a way to find comfort in the pose, we are allowing our suffering to get out. As you practice these poses, it is important to cultivate a non-judging mind while you do them. This can relate to uncomfortable feelings in our lives that may arise and may always be there in certain circumstances, but we can approach these feelings or situations the same way as our pigeon pose or our forward fold. It is so common that we feel we need to resist, but today try to breathe into your physically tight sports and into your mental agitation.
Remember that practice allows resistance to surface so it can fly away.