“This is temporary.”
“This too shall pass.”
Two reminders that can assist us in our yoga practice along with our everyday life. For instance, when you are in a yoga pose that is uncomfortable for you or in that plank that seems to be lasting forever, it is important to remind yourself that you will not be there forever. It is temporary. You will get to your Savasana at the end of class! When we remind ourselves this, it is easier for us to find the ability to find the strength to get though the uncomfortable pose or the plank that you feel you can no longer hold. Along with yoga, in life, these reminders can help us through a heartbreak, a certain mood, an “off” day, an experience or any situation we may be placed in. We live in a world that is in constant change, therefore all is temporarily just happening at that moment.
Allow yourself to experience these moments without the attempt to control, knowing that the moment is temporary, and it will pass. Once the moment comes where it has passed, this is a miracle. This will lead you to become more grateful as a person.