A self reflection of 2018…
You have been filled with so many experiences, life lessons and growth. I have reflected on some of these on my commute this morning… 👇🏻
First off, you showed me the feeling of love, not only in another human but in myself and the world around me. You showed me what it feels like to travel across the world to serve an orphanage. You showed me how it feels to connect with another human on a level so deep it scares you. You showed me the fulfillment of making a difference in lives through a passion held close to your heart. You showed me the peace I can find through a commute. You showed me my desire for reading and writing. You showed me how to successfully share the holistic approach into the medical field. You showed me the feeling of finding out a family member is diagnosed with cancer. You showed me that lots of self love and care is crucial to heal. You showed me what it feels like to lose your childhood pet that you have had for 16 years. You showed me that yoga and meditation is always a good idea. You showed me the feeling of seeing someone take their life. You showed me the feeling of that first bite of food after being on a post wisdom teeth liquid diet. You showed me the feeling of constant security for the people I get to call my family. You showed me the feeling of contentment from staying in with a best friend. You showed me it’s okay to put yourself first. You showed me another year living in a city filled with 8 million people. You showed me how to take each experience into this new year with gratitude.
All in all, thank you for teaching me that life is a continuous surprise that comes with many pains along with many joys and the importance of allowing yourself to accept it as a whole.
Set aside some time to reflect on your experiences from 2018 wholeheartedly.