With the start of the New Year I have been reflecting on this time last year when I was in India! I went to India for a service yoga retreat to visit the girls of the Home of Hope Orphanage. A year later and I am still constantly reminded of this trip. This experience has impacted my life and opened my eyes to the ways that others are living around the world. This experience has helped me to realize the importance of staying engaged in what is going on around the world. It is easy to become absorbed and in the flow of our lives which can make it difficult for us to stop to think of how lucky we are for all that we are provided with each day. I still remind myself of one day when we were having lunch at the orphanage and the girls were shocked that I did not finish my entire bowl of rice. The girls were coming up to me in confusion thinking something was wrong with me and kept pointing to my bowl. It was unheard of to them to not finish your entire meal because they have experienced a shortage of food before. Following this trip, I set an intention for myself to hold this experience with me and continue to remind myself how grateful I can be in each day.
Today, treat all things in life as a blessing.