Trust. What a powerful word it is. When we trust we decrease worry and become lighter, softer humans. We often tell ourselves or others tell us- just trust in God, trust in the universe, trust in the energy that is guiding you.. everything will be okay. If only to trust was as easy as turning on a light switch!
When the new year hit I set an intention for myself to trust more. Trusting has been difficult for me with circumstances but I have recently found a way to look at life which provides me with more trust in just about everything.
When I have been journaling lately, I have been reflecting on past experiences – the rise and the fall, the rise and the fall and so on. I realize that life comes in many seasons. There have been times when I have been hurt, disappointed or uncertain of why something happened but later on realize that I am able to see that it may have been a blessing in disguise. I share this because if we take the time to reflect on our past experiences it gives us hope for the present and the future. We can trust that if we got through a certain feeling or experience once before, this means that we can again, and even stronger this time.
I have provided a template in the highlights section of my instagram profile where you can reflect on past experiences where you will be able to perceive past experiences from a positive perspective which can assist you to develop greater trust in the future.