Lately I have been practicing manifestation. I have decided to share how I chose to go about doing so to give an example to those who are interested in manifestation. In order to manifest your desire, get very clear about how you want to feel. And then do whatever it takes to support that feeling. This is key to manifesting.
I have recently been intending to manifest to move forward into a new season for myself. I would like to cultivate new thought patterns and release old negative thought patterns or obsessive cycles. My intention is to return to a greater state of love and inner peace. Therefore, it is important that I am loving myself and doing things that bring me peace in order for this manifestation to happen.
When I began my manifestation to provide me with new thought patterns I wrote out what I would like these new thought patterns to include. I wrote things such as- thoughts that are serving me, involve moving forward, are healthy, do not include the past, are loving towards myself, include gratitude, cultivate acceptance and are at peace with my emotions. This helps me to be clear on what I would like to happen now.
After this I wrote out set goals that would help me to move forward. This helps me to be even more specific with what I would like to happen. My first goal stated “to be grateful for what was, courageous enough to keep an open heart and wise enough to let go and move on from what is no longer serving me or giving my life the positive energy it used to.” My second goal states “to be grateful for the last season but become willing to move forward to the next season with a sense of openness, courage and strength.” And lastly, the third goal stage “it is okay to allow yourself to move on to a new season”. These goals help me to return to something on the days i am feeling stuck or itching to return to the past. I can remind myself of these goals and it helps to motivate me to keep moving forward.
Ever since I have started this manifestation I am not going to lie, I have noticed an energy shift in my life. I have started to wake up happier, not cling to the thoughts i used to as much. It has helped me gain more clarity on the life that I want to live now, in this present moment. By using manifestation, we can produce a sense of positivity and overall well-being. Your energy will no longer feel stagnant or empty.. instead you may feel a greater sense of creativity and abundance!
If you’re interested in trying manifestations, get clear with yourself. Call in whatever you would like to happen and become mindful of how you would like to feel. If you are like me and would like to manifest moving into a new season in your life, you’re welcome to use whatever I have provided above.