Sometimes we tend to picture a loving human as someone who lives in total bliss— is always happy, radiates positive energy 24/7 and is committed to love so strongly that the presence of them alleviates all suffering.
Only one problem with this image: it’s unrealistic, it’s an illusion we’ve created. If a creature like that existed, it wouldn’t be a human.
To be human is to be both stormy and sunny. It is to always be moving through the levels of self-love and self-compassion.
There will be times in your life when it makes sense to do the deep work. There will be times when you’ll fully accept yourself and your daily habits will be on point. There will be times when you’ll step fully into your power. There will be times when you can feel and even influence the flow of the world around you.
There will be times when stress catches up to you and you get sucked into an exhaustion cycle. There will be times when you may be heartbroken and wrecked for months. There will be times when you may become imbalanced. There will be times when you wish you didn’t have to deal with being human.
And it’s all ok.
The practice of love involves working with yourself wherever you’re at. Step fully and boldly into your life. When times are tough, be gentle on yourself. When times are joyful, embrace them.
Use everything you have in service of yourself and in service of others. Share your gift. When you do this, everything in the world will burn brighter because of you.